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Contribute to an inclusive and sustainable future for all Australians.

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This fund is open to wholesale or sophisticated investors and those who otherwise meet the definition of an eligible investor as defined in the Information Memorandum.

Fund Summary

The Future Property Fund is open to wholesale investors who seek capital growth and income by investing in new developments and property-focused technology. The Fund is primarily focused on construction projects for residential and commercial buildings where there is a reasonable expectation of higher-than-average income.

Investing in the Australian co-living ecosystem

Supporting innovative construction techniques

Sustainable housing and working spaces

Investing in property business and tangible assets

Invest in innovation

We've partnered with leading property technology investment company Taronga Ventures to bring the innovations from their investments to life in modern buildings located in Australia's capital cities. 

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Picture of a proposed building design in Melbourne
Picture of a proposed golf course on Kanagaroo Island

Improve lives and our environment

 We focus on developments willing to take on the "Living Building Challenge" a comprehensive program that asks, "What if every single act of design and construction made the world a better place?"

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Profit with property

Real-estate, residential and commercial construction and redevelopment, is less liquid than shares; however, it benefits from being an asset class that typically holds its value and can be supported by external borrowing (gearing). 

The Future Property fund is not about unprofitable social experiments. We know you can generate exceptional returns by delivering a quality product in the right location and that new, efficient products typically attract higher rents. 

Setting environmental standards and providing innovative solutions such as "co-living" is about creating long-term, sustainable investments not fads.  


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Information Memorandum

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Fund Summary 

*This fund is open to wholesale or sophisticated investors and those who otherwise meet the definition of an eligible investor as defined in the Information Memorandum.

These classifications are defined in the Corporations Act, 2001 and typically prohibit investors who intend to invest less than $500,000 unless their accountant is able to certify their net worth exceeds $2.5million AUD.

Those who do not qualify may wish to review our retail investment offer which is open to all Australian Investors.

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Questions and Answers

 Yes. Wholesale and Sophisticated Investors with sufficient capital (typically in excess of $ 4 million) can participate alongside us in development transactions. We ask (but do not require) that they make a reasonable contribution to the fund, this and other arrangements can be discussed in person.

A blended return 8% per annum net of fees over the Full economic cycle.  This return target might appear low because the fund aims to develop new assets, and such developments can deliver significantly higher returns. 

However, there are times when property developments take longer than scheduled or require additional capital. We prefer to set reasonable expectations for investors and then work hard to outperform that target. 

The Fund’s investment process requires potential investments to pass through a series of hurdles based on the Teaminvest analysis and due diligence methodology (the Methodology). All Teaminvest entities use the Methodology, an investing decision process that utilises a collaborative approach to analyse the commercial features of a potential investment, along with the capability and character of the management who will be running it.

The Methodology aims to go beyond a simple risk/reward analysis to understand how and why an investment makes money and to identify risks that could endanger future revenues, yields and profit. The Methodology has a proven history of generating strong and stable returns in listed and private equity, and has now been amended for use in the property sector.

Equity and debt investments in future-property-orientated property projects and operators 

While the fund asset mix is broad the Manager expects the majority (more than 75%) of the funds capital will be invested in real property development, ownership and debt secured by real property. The Fund will aim to invest such that no single asset comprises more than 25% of funds under management (FUM), however the size of the Fund, among other factors, may cause this limit to be exceeded from time to time and no guarantee can be provided that this diversification objective will be met at all times.

Investors who want to participate in real property development in capital cities without the complexity of being directly involved in managing what can be a complex process. 

Your investment will be managed by the Fund’s highly experienced investment management team which is found on our website under "Our Approach"

The minimum initial investment amount is $100,000 but we can accept smaller applications at our discretion.

Yes, you can top up your initial investment each month; the minimum top-up amount is $100,000 and there is no fee to add to your investment.

All investments carry risk. Property developments are primarily exposed to construction and material cost overruns and consequences of poor town planning outcomes. The manager seeks to reduce risk by partnering with existing developers rather than undertaking directly controlled developments and where possible by entering into arrangements where there is a fixed income return (ie a loan) combined with a share of the development equity. 

We work with a network of professional property developers and a consistent flow of information through our broking and corporate advisory network. We take opportunistic positions in these transactions based on the quality of the development company, and the presented projects' "bankability".  We pass opportunities to our well resourced investment management team to analyse the location, profile and risks of any given development or site and make a considered decision based on our groups collective wisdom.

We offer a simple and transparent fee structure, with no nasty surprises.

We charge a management fee of 1.1% (plus GST) per annum and a performance fee of 20% (plus GST) of any fund returns over a 6% per annum hurdle rate.

There are no fees for any of the following:

  • Making your initial investment
  • Adding to your investment
  • Redeeming any of your money
  • Terminating your investment in the Fund.

The fee framework is designed to compensate the manager for the higher-than-average oversight and operational management required when compared to a regular equities fund. We have chosen to set the management fee lower than the typical property type fund and the performance fee higher to align the management team with the primary objective - delivering outstanding results for investors.

What happens if I find I need to take my money out earlier than planned?

If you need to access your money, you will need to write to the trustee. The fund typically deploys capital and does not hold high cash reserves. The Information Memorandum suggests that investors contribute with the expectation of a four-year investment time frame.

However, the Trustee will consider the circumstances of redemption requests and will try to facilitate them as best they can without disadvantaging other investors.  

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