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This fund is open to wholesale or sophisticated investors and those who otherwise meet the definition of an eligible investor as defined in the Information Memorandum.

Fund Summary

The Private Equity Fund is a wholesale 'Fund of Funds' that provides investors ac​cess to a diversified portfolio of growth investments.


Why Choose our Private Equity Fund?

Uncovering Australian small to medium-sized companies

More than 20 years of experience.

Seeking absolute returns not correlated to equity markets.

Rigorous approach to investing across all diversified portfolios.

Mining for gold in private equity

We leverage our lived experience as a private equity business to identify companies that suit our Private Equity Fund. Typically we look for companies where the management needs a partner - either because of a key person's recent exit or a founder's impending retirement.

Our Companies

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Secured investments

 Buying  unlisted companies with revenues between $3million to $50million can require a longer time to realise gains. To address this, we also invest in debt instruments by lending to companies with short durations (typically less than 12 months). Investors can also participate directly in these types of arrangements.

Invest directly

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Keeping your money working

 Finding the right transaction can take time, and time is money. To keep your investment working hard, we invest excess capital into our long-running equities fund - The Conscious Investor Fund. You can invest directly into this option, but by switching in and out based on transactions we uncover, you can be confident we won't be taking gambles like other managers might have to to "keep the money moving".

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Unit Prices 31 December 2023

FYTD -                                                      6.81%

12 Months -                                           5.97%

3 Years (p.a.) -                                       -0.18%

5 Years (p.a.) -                                       1.09%

Since Inception -                                 45.84%

Compound Annual Return -        5.16%

*Past performance is not indicative of future performance

Private Equity Fund Unit Price

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Fund Summary

*This fund is open to wholesale or sophisticated investors and those who otherwise meet the definition of an eligible investor as defined in the Information Memorandum.

These classifications are defined in the Corporations Act, 2001 and typically prohibit investors who intend to invest less than $500,000 unless their accountant is able to certify their net worth exceeds $2.5million AUD.

Those who do not qualify may wish to review our retail investment offer which is open to all Australian Investors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The key benefit of the fund is the diversity of its investment portfolio, which includes private equity, commercial debt and supporting Australian small to medium sized companies. This means that risk is spread (and thereby reduced); your investment is not over-reliant on any one market and vulnerable to its potential poor performance.

We invest in small and medium-sized companies in Australia through both equity partnerships and loans. Unlike the banks, we believe there are still good opportunities in Australian manufacturing and industry, and we support these with our investments.​ 

The Private Equity Fund invests in Australian and global shares, private equity and commercial debt.

The fund includes fixed income exposure through the commercial loans. The loans are typically secured by specific assets, are not used to finance the day-to-day operations of the company and so are higher up the capital structure of the company. This gives a higher level of security should something go wrong.

Every investment carries risk. That said, the Private Equity Fund takes a very rigorous approach to investing using the Teaminvest proprietary methodology. This is a powerful approach that analyses the commercial features of each business along with its board and senior management.

We don’t just look at whether an investment can be profitable; we seek to understand how and why a business makes money and to identify risks that could endanger future revenue and profit. Doing so has led to a history of strong and stable investor returns.

Together with the fund’s diversification strategy, investors can feel more confident that they have chosen a risk-managed option for their money.

Investors should be aware that past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. That said, the Private Equity Fund has a track record of performance for six years, including during some periods of significant market downturns. The fund misses the ‘high highs’ of any one market but will also miss the ‘low lows’ of the same market.

Yes, the fund’s investment managers all have access to the proprietary Conscious Investor® software, a tool developed by Dr John Price based on his many years of researching the investment strategies of Warren Buffett. The software scans global stock exchanges for companies that display the quantitative elements of long-term investments; the companies must pass filters for levels of stable and growing sales and profit, debt, return on equity, interest coverage and capital structure.

By analysing a graduated checklist of over 100 criteria in real time, Conscious Investor® is able to ‘winnow the field’ – the first step to identifying investments with a proven track record of success and good prospects of this continuing.

However, great software alone is not enough. We then conduct qualitative analysis as software is unable to ask the three most important questions in investing:

  1. What barriers to entry or competitive advantages does this business have to ensure it will be profitable over the long term?
  2. What are the risks to its long- term profitability?
  3. Are management honest, open and acting in the best interests of shareholders?

We are very committed to giving you transparency about the value of your investment and communicate with investors about performance at the end of each month. Additionally, we provide information on the investments twice per year through the Teaminvest Private (TIP) Group financial reports and summaries of listed equities every two months. 

Not at all! You have the option of redeeming some or all of your investment four times per year.

You certainly are welcome to purchase shares in TIP Group directly. However, this means that you will be responsible for managing a microcap stock yourself. By investing in the Private Equity Fund, we can actively manage that for you. Moreover, an investment in the Private Equity Fund offers greater diversification than investing in TIP Group shares alone.

You need to make an initial investment of at least $50,000. After the initial investment, you may ‘top-up’ with any amount.

Yes, the fund is only open to wholesale investors.

What does it mean to be a wholesale investor? 

A wholesale investor is an individual who:

  • meets the minimum asset ($2.5 million of net assets) test; OR
  • meets the income ($250,000 of gross income for the last two financial years) test; OR
  • invests at least $500,000 into the Fund; OR
  • otherwise satisfy us that you are a wholesale client for the purposes of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Upon applying to invest in the fund, you will need to supply us with a completed and signed Accountant’s Certificate form to certify your wholesale investor status.

The Fund is managed by a strong team of individuals with immense business and investment experience. You can read more about each member of the capital allocation team here.

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