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We help safeguard businesses to facilitate their full growth potential.

Our commitment is to provide clarity, confidence and value in your insurance coverage. We offer a diverse suite of insurance solutions, with a focus on: 

Professional Indemnity

Directors & Officers

Management Liability

Associations Liability (NFPs)

Financial Lines (All)


Commercial Property

Broadform Liability 



Our approach isn't centered around sales, but on service and transparency.


The finance industry can be complicated. Our role is to utilise specialised knowledge and translate industry jargon into every-day business.


We create insurance programs that minimise risk exposures, allowing you to safely explore new ideas and opportunities.

Our Difference

We've woven a unique approach into the fabric of our operations. We believe in protection that goes beyond the conventional – it’s about unlocking potential. We've reframed insurance from a static safety net to a dynamic growth enabler that rewards the entrepreneurial spirit, fostering an environment where businesses can boldly explore new horizons. 

Our approach isn't centered around sales, but on service and transparency. We illuminate the often-misunderstood value of insurance, helping you see not just what you could lose, but what you stand to gain. Helping to make insurance less of an expense and more an investment into your business's future growth and resilience. 

In a complex industry, we pride ourselves on our simplicity, stripping away the jargon and confusion, providing clear, straightforward solutions tailored to your unique needs. We understand that every minute matters in the business world, so we've streamlined our processes to ensure a seamless experience. 

With us, we're not just your insurance broker—we're your partner in growth. Speak with us today to explore a fresh perspective on insurance. 

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Our Insurance Team


National Account Manager 

Melissa is an experienced insurance professional with a background in business analysis and underwriting. Beginning her insurance career as an underwriter in 2008, she has worked with a diverse range of insurance products, with a focus on Broadform Liability and Financial Lines. A graduate in commerce, Melissa utilises financial statements and data to detect exposure, address risk and support business development and growth. Melissa has also studied and worked in marketing, developing an appreciation for the importance of communication, transparency and the value of long-term client relationships. Melissa is able to apply this specialised knowledge to provide valuable risk advice, market placement and claims servicing.


Director & Head of Broking 

Blaize has over 15 years’ experience in insurance broking. Throughout his career he has established a strong network within the industry which he is able to leverage to provide competitive cover, rates and service - despite operating in a hard market. His knowledge has enabled businesses across multiple industries to grow faster and safer through well-structured insurance programs, without the hefty costs. Blaize takes an analytical approach to assessing risk which favours transparency above sales, so clients have a mutually beneficial relationship with their insurer’s that prospers in the long run.


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