Trustee and Licensing

We exist to monitor financial services and advisory providers, drive innovation in financial services, and supervise the distribution of new products.

Ongoing Support

Clients of our trustee and licensing services are able to access support from TIP Group's pool of business people and investors. 

Expert Access

We specialise in partnering with boutique and up-and-coming fund managers who need broader access to compliance expertise than they can access alone or through traditional service providers.​

Diverse Fund Management 

We provide a full suite of trustee, registry and custody services to many different fund styles for both retail and wholesale clients.

Fund Styles We Service

Debt (public and private)
Fixed Income

Real Property (including direct holdings and REIT's)

Equities (listed and unlisted)
 Diversified Funds

Private Equity and Venture Capital

 We love technology

We hate manual workflows and slow processing times. Our registry systems run on reliable Australian-developed software provided by Titanium Digital Pty Limited. 

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Work with a Trustee that also runs its own funds.

We know what it's like on both sides of the coin.

AFSL Licensing

Corporate Consultants
Fund Promoters


Financial Advisers
 General Insurance Brokers

Venture Capital General Partners

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Compliant and ethical operators look past the rules and consider the intent of the regulator.

Fundamentally our business is about monitoring and supervision. Our License to operate is as much a social license as a regulatory one. We partner with companies looking to push the envelope in service and standards.

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