Teaminvest Access Retail Fund

Target above-market returns via a growth-focused portfolio of shares and other Australian investments.

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Fund Summary

​The Teaminvest Access Fund aims to deliver superior capital growth by investing in companies with strong long-term growth potential while holding some off market investments to protect capital. The Fund uses Teaminvest's proprietary investment methodology, internally developed software and an experienced team to buy and hold great investments for the long term. In times of high stock market volatility, the manager will shift between equities and debt to reduce the impact these movements have on the portfolio.

​The Fund invests mainly in the ASX 200 but may also invest in other unlisted opportunities.

Targeting returns above the S&P/ASX 200 index.

Tried-and-tested Teaminvest methodology.

Australian shares & other investment opportunities. 

Comprehensive risk-management features.

Month by Month Performance


Updated June 15, 2024

FYTD                                                                    8.402%

Last Financial Year                             11.75%

Current Unit Price                 $​0.9485

Past Performance Data

*Past performance is not indicative of future performance

Finding Wealth Winners©

Our fund blends TeamInvest's equities research with unlisted debt to smooth out returns during volatile periods but the focus is on finding and holding Wealth Winners.

We focus on companies with

  1. Low debt 
  2. High earnings relative to their peers
  3. Products and services that we believe will be in long-term demand. 

Companies that exhibit all of these characteristics are more likely to be Wealth Winners - investments that continue to grow your portfolio value over time.

Indicative Asset Allocation

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Target Market Determination

Product Disclosure Statement

Fund Summary

Questions and Answers

The Fund is index-unaware, which means that we aim for the very best returns possible, unrelated to any single index.

The fund's performance fee is not paid to the manager unless they perform better than the S&P/ ASX 200 Index in a given month. An index that tracks the performance of the largest 200 companies on the Australian Stock Exchange.

The Fund utilises a value-investment strategy based on the work of Graham Dodd (Benjamin Graham and David Dodd). The Graham Dodd method is widely recognized as the basis for Warren Buffett's investment philosophy. This approach focuses on companies with lower-than-average debt and higher than average earnings because they make great long-term investments and are more likely to deliver growth and income for their shareholders.

The Fund invests chiefly in companies listed on the Australian stock exchange, along with secured debt instruments with a fixed return that exceeds those available from regular bank term deposits.

We may also invest in unlisted shares approaching an initial public offering (IPO), fixed-interest investments (such as bonds), derivatives (to reduce risk rather than invest for profit), private equity and cash.

Investors should refer to the "Target Market Determination" and consider this document together with the Product Disclosure Statement before making an investment.

Generally, the Teaminvest Access Fund focuses on capital growth over time rather than income, typically this fund is appropriate for investors with a 5-year or longer investment time horizon.

However, if your situation changes and you need to access your money earlier, we process redemptions within 10 business days from the 15th of each month.

Your investment will be managed by the Fund’s highly experienced investment managers, Michael Baragwanath and Howard Coleman. Michael is an experienced financial services executive with more than 17 years of experience; Howard has more than 45 years of experience and is a founding director of Teaminvest, TIP Group and the Conscious Investor® Fund.

In addition to their own wealth of experience in stock selection and portfolio construction, Michael and Howard leverage the collective wisdom and experience of member-based organisation Teaminvest, a community of 500+ successful business leaders, professionals and investors, who collectively research individual companies, markets and sectors to identify those businesses most likely to be highly profitable.

In short, exceptional research depth has gone into each investment in the Teaminvest Access Fund.

The minimum initial investment amount is $10,000 but we can accept smaller applications at our discretion.

Yes, you can top up your initial investment each month; the minimum top-up amount is $500 and there is no fee to add to your investment.

Additional Allotments will be issued within 10 business days from the 15th of the month 

The Fund’s investment and portfolio construction process has several features designed to manage risk and preserve capital, including: 

· Stock selection, designed to identify and avoid companies subject to rising competitive pressures, high debt, low margins or negative macro-economic trends.

· Company evaluation, looking at factors that are likely to contribute to a growing value for the business. The Fund also evaluates environmental, social and ethical factors, since a poor record in these areas has the potential to undermine investment performance.

· Technical analysis, designed to avoid overpaying for an asset, or realising an asset at a loss that could have been reasonably avoided.

· Derivative positions, where appropriate, to hedge significant shareholdings.

· Asset allocation, including the ability to hold some or all of the portfolio in cash or off-market assets to preserve capital when conditions are unfavourable for share investments.

We begin with our proprietary Conscious Investor® software, which filters the ASX to identify the best-performing companies based on financial metrics including debt, relative revenue, profit and other factors. We then conduct in-depth analysis on those companies that remain, asking questions such as:

· Is the company’s value reflected in the share price?

· Where are we in the investment cycle and which investments tend to outperform at that part of the cycle?

· Is there a catalyst for superior growth over the medium-term?

· What are the risks to ongoing growth and are they increasing or decreasing?

· How honest and ethical is the management team?

A key benefit of the Teaminvest Access Fund is that this in-depth analysis has not been conducted by the Fund’s investment managers alone; each company has also been studied by Teaminvest, a community of successful business leaders, professionals and investors, offering exceptional research depth

Fund managers can build portfolios in different ways. One way is, to begin with, an index like the S&P/ASX 200, then adjust the fund’s holdings to match their views about which companies and sectors are likely to outperform. The advantage of this approach is that it reduces risk since the fund’s performance is likely to be similar to the index it is based on. The disadvantage is that it reduces the likelihood that the fund will outperform the index.

The Teaminvest Access Fund takes a different approach. The Fund is ‘index unaware’, which means we simply focus on the best companies irrespective of their position within sectors, indexes or benchmarks.

Having said that, one of our criteria is relative profit, ie the company's ability to generate profit higher than its competitors. Typically, this means we're only investing in one or two companies within a particular sector, ie one bank rather than all of them, one mining company rather than all of them and so on.

The fund is ‘high conviction’, which means we focus on a small portfolio that combines all our best investment ideas to target maximum returns.

We offer a simple and transparent fee structure, with no nasty surprises.

We charge a management fee of 1% (plus GST) per annum and a performance fee of 15% (plus GST) of any fund returns over the S&P/ ASX 200 Accumulation Index i.e. if the fund doesn’t perform above the Index, you don’t pay a performance fee.

There are no fees for any of the following:

· Making your initial investment

· Adding to your investment

· Redeeming any of your money

· Terminating your investment in the Fund.

Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) available on the website for further information about fees and costs

The difference is known as the buy/sell spread and it’s designed to cover the 0.25% transaction cost when you buy or sell units, so this cost is not passed on to other investors. The buy/sell spread is not paid to the Investment Manager but is kept in the Fund.

If you need to access your money, we process redemptions once each month. Simply complete the relevant form and return it to us no more than three business days before the 15th of the month. Please note, however, that it can take 5 - 10 business days for processing.

The Fund may distribute dividends, franking credits and interest to investors every six months, at the discretion of the Investment Manager. Because the main objective of the Fund is to deliver long-term capital growth, there may be extended periods when the Fund does not make any distributions but rather reinvests these to grow your wealth.

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