Private Equity and Debt

Unlike major banks or other financiers, we provide a mix of equity and debt
investments that have a long-term investment horizon, along with ongoing advice and guidance to our portfolio companies.​ 

Patient Capital

Unlike major banks or other financiers, TIP provides a mix of equity and debt investments that have a long-term investment horizon. We offer patient capital and strategic guidance. This means we don’t look for quick wins, but rather investments where we can help mentor management to grow the business successfully for many years.

Advice, Wisdom & Experience 

After making an investment, we seek to offer advice, wisdom and experience to the management of our portfolio companies. We do this by providing a combination of board support, financial capacity and ongoing mentorship.

Selected Shareholders

A unique feature of our business model is "Selected Shareholders" who are appointed to participate in the investment process, ongoing governance and portfolio company mentorship.

TIP Group's private equity division seeks to:

  • Assist successful business owners grow their business and enhance their legacy. 
  • Mentor the next generation of Australian business leaders.
  • Support Australian business by filling a missing piece in the funding landscape. 

We exist because we believe that three fundamental challenges exist in the Australian SME landscape:

  • Access to capital
  • Access to strategic advice.
  • Opportunity for successful business leaders to continue to add value in retirement.

Our Process

Across our corporate services, working collaboratively with clients, we operate on a simple five stage-process:

Understanding and Analysis
Research, feasibility, risks and strategy development
Project initiation
Project execution
Project closure

Our job is to identify great Australian businesses who wish to turn their saplings into strong and lasting oak trees. We do this with our own proprietary method, and ​we invite you to participate. We are confident you will find it as rewarding as we do.

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