Sharesight Implementation 

Introducing Sharesight, an innovative investment portfolio management tool designed to make managing your investment portfolio easier and more efficient. With Sharesight, you can take control of your investments and gain valuable insights into your portfolio's performance, all in one place.

What is Sharesight?

​• An award-winning, multi-portfolio manager software with dividend tracking and tax reporting. 

• Generates automatic portfolio updates in response to corporate actions such as dividends, DRP’s and share splits. 

• Save time and money during tax season by sharing your automated reports with your accountant.

Why you should join:

• ​ Teaminvest is NOT stating the Sharesight platform will make you a better investor. 

• The Sharesight platform itself can save time and money on reporting and managing tax. 

• We will use it as an independent centralised platform to gain reports of the groups De-Identified and Aggregated holdings. 

• Easy to set up and use the platform. 

• Maintain existing relationships and privacy over your portfolio.

• Maintain autonomy and control over your investment decisions.



• Members will receive 1 Portfolio as part of their Membership 

Additional Portfolio

•  Additional Portfolios will be charged at $6.50 per month (same as cost to Teaminvest account).


Direct Sign Up

• Alternatively, you can sign up directly with Sharesight and share your portfolio with Teaminvest.

How to easily sign up in 3 steps:

1. You will receive an email from Sharesight with a link. Click it, create a password and access your account.

2. Add your portfolio - simply download your trades from your broker and drop the file into Sharesight.

3. Add your unique Sharesight email to your unique brokers contract notes to automatically keep your portfolio updated as you trade.

Already have a Sharesight Account?

You can share your portfolios with the Teaminvest Account:*

Log into your Sharesight account > Click ‘Account’ (from top right menu) > Select ‘Sharing and Permissions’ > Choose your portfolio to share > Select ‘Existing User’ > Enter > Select Access Level as ‘Read Only’ > Click ‘Share Portfolio

*(Note: Signing up directly with Sharesight will not give you access to Teaminvest rates).

Need Help?

Sanjee Narendran 
Phone: 0410 50 90 90 

For more information relating to your data and privacy please request a copy of the Teaminvest Sharesight Privacy Policy, from Teaminvest.