The Corinthian Balanced Fund

This fund is open to wholesale or sophisticated investors and those who otherwise meet the definition of an eligible investor as defined in the Information Memorandum.

Fund Summary 

The Corinthian Fund is an unregistered managed investment scheme designed explicitly for not-for-profits and charities. The fund combines our long-running and highly successful Conscious Investor equities strategy investing in Australian and US shares with high-yield asset-backed commercial debt and off-market transactions. We know that every dollar we charge takes money from a charity's purpose, and, therefore, we are only paid if the fund achieves a compounding return above 6% per year. We put charities first.


  We play the long game

The Corinthian Balanced fund is a long-term investment in the future of our society, not just your investments. We donate our time because we know that many of the children and families that need help today can become strong, empathetic leaders of the future.

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Unit Prices Updated 30 June 2024

Unit Price                                               1.0619

FY23/24                                                  8.93%

FYTD -                                                      5.75%

Since Inception -                                 6.19%

*Past performance is not indicative of future performance

Corinthian Balanced Fund Unit Price

We care about results

Guided by expertise gained over 20 years of achieving success for clients, we practice with passion and strategic focus on the future.

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Asset Allocation

Only open to NFP/DGR/PAF

Designed to simplify administration so you can focus on  your purpose.

Experienced team

Our management team includes decades of expertise as investment managers and trustees of regulated charities. We can do more than manage your funds.

We put charity first

Our fund must deliver for you before we can be paid.

We can manage off-market assets

Many charities have assets such as real property to manage. We can move them into the fund or manage them separately under a real property asset management agreement.

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Fund Summary

*This fund is open to wholesale or sophisticated investors and those who otherwise meet the definition of an eligible investor as defined in the Information Memorandum.

These classifications are defined in the Corporations Act, 2001 and typically prohibit investors who intend to invest less than $500,000 unless their accountant is able to certify their net worth exceeds $2.5million AUD.

Those who do not qualify may wish to review our retail investment offer which is open to all Australian Investors.

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Questions and Answers

The Fund is index-unaware, which means that we aim for the very best returns possible, unrelated to any single index.

The fund's performance fee is not paid to the manager unless they deliver a compounding return of more than 6% per annum. 

The Fund's equity (shares) investment process is a value-investment strategy based on the work of Graham Dodd (Benjamin Graham and David Dodd). The Graham Dodd method is widely recognized as the basis for Warren Buffett's investment philosophy. This approach focuses on companies with lower-than-average debt and higher than average earnings because they make great long-term investments and are more likely to deliver growth and income for their shareholders.

Direct investments such as private equity are less common, we are open to private equity because many charities are considering for-profit partnerships or investments to create new sources of income or lower their costs of operation. We review these investment options using our propitiatory SMaRT investment process. 

Fixed interest and debt investments are considered where the borrower offers high quality security such as real property.

The Fund invests in Australian and International Shares (typically US shares), cash, fixed interest term deposits, secured debt such as mortgages and structured arrangements such as a share of profit from a property development.

Who is the ideal investor? 

The fund is designed exclusively for not-for-profits but those who benefit most from this strategy are PAF's or Public Ancillary Funds. This is because a PAF must distribute 4% of the investment pool annually and our focus is on investing to make sure that distribution requirement is met every year. This means that our portfolio is focused on income generation as well as growth. Charitable investors seeking to maximise capital growth may find our portfolio slightly too conservative.

Your investment will be managed by TIP Wealth's highly experienced investment team. Our team can be found on the website under "Our Approach".

We prefer to work closely with the clients of this fund. We consider it appropriate for charities with more than $2million of investment assets to invest with us but do not enforce a minimum initial investment.

The Manager is entitled to a performance fee where the performance of the Fund exceeds a hurdle (calculated on a per Unit basis, pre-tax position of Investors). This fee is calculated as follows:

Performance Fee = (Fund Performance less NAV Hurdle) x 20% 

You may redeem some or all of your Units at the end of each month. You must provide at least 7 days' notice to redeem those 

Units from the Fund. Redemptions are dependent upon whether there is sufficient liquidity available. There is no guarantee your 

redemption request will be satisfied in whole or in part. 

The fund prioritises paying annual income payments to investors over potential redemption requests.

Redemption proceeds will be electronically transferred to your nominated bank account.

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