About us

​TIP Group (ASX: TIP) is a financial institution focussed on the transfer of knowledge and wealth between generations. TIP aims to be the financial institution of choice for first-generation wealth, linking the knowledge and capital accumulated over their careers with the next generation of business leaders to achieve outstanding returns.

Our story

TIP Group began operations in early 2012 as Teaminvest Private, a specialist private equity firm that aimed to address three fundamental challenges in the Australian SME landscape: Access to capital, access to strategic advice, and harnessing the knowledge and experience of successful business leaders after retirement.

Over the next seven years, the business made more than 10 acquisitions, each of which operated as a separate entity through a Special Purpose Vehicle structure.

In May 2019, Teaminvest Private listed on the Australian Stock Exchange as Teaminvest Private Group (ASX: TIP).

Since then, TIP Group has grown significantly, making further acquisitions and expanding its operations to become a full-service financial services institution, while retaining its original 'noble purpose' of transferring knowledge and wealth between generations.​

Our companies

Our Noble Purpose

Transferring knowledge and wealth between generations.

Our Mission

We invest the wealth and experience of successful people to develop the next generation of business leaders, enhancing the legacy of all.


Our Vision

To build a society in which the knowledge and wealth we accumulate over a lifetime isn't lost, forcing the next generation to learn (and earn) it all again.

Our Investment Process

John West famously used the advertising slogan “it’s the fish we reject that make us the best” and the Company seeks to emulate this principle by rejecting the vast majority of potential opportunities.

To facilitate our investment strategy, we use a proprietary five-stage investment process:

Initial Analysis 

Committee Review

SMaRT Meeting

Due Dilligence

Ongoing Management