Corporate Advisory

Specialised, Ethical Problem Solving

 Our Corporate Advisory Team

Michael Levenston

Michael is an accomplished corporate advisor with extensive experience in debt capital markets, business development, and credit. He has a proven track record of successfully structuring and negotiating deals with large financial institutions and is skilled in delivering outstanding results.

Amy Sullivan

Amy is a highly accomplished client relations specialist with a diverse background in various industries, including tourism, fundraising and event management. With extensive experience in fostering strong client connections and driving business growth, she excels in building and maintaining strategic partnerships, delivering outstanding results through her exceptional negotiation skills and expertise in business development.

Matthew James

Matthew, a seasoned corporate consultant specialising in credit, brings over 15 years of banking expertise in credit analysis, commercial finance, and funds management. With extensive industry experience, he is a trusted advisor for businesses seeking strategic credit insights and solutions.

Blaize Irving-Holliday

Blaize is a highly skilled insurance professional with substantial industry experience. With a strong focus on analytical expertise, he excels as a business analyst, providing insightful and data-driven solutions to optimise risk assessment and overall operational efficiency.


Craig Wright

Craig is an experienced sales development manager and executive with a diverse background in sales, marketing, and property development. He excels in driving revenue growth, building strong relationships with partners, and delivering exceptional results through innovative strategies and a customer-centric approach.

We deliver the impossible

It's a bold claim but we stand by it. We focus on finding solutions to challenging and complex problems by bringing together a diverse and unique team backed by a strong network of successful business people. 

An IPad with the design of a skyscraper that is one of our projects

Bringing value to you

Asset Management

Custody services and property management for estates and trusts.

Business Insurance

Helping business spend the right dollar not save the wrong one.

Financial Products

Trustee and Financial Services Licensing Services for new products.

Private Equity and Debt

Structuring transactions to attract investors for growth or succession.

Property Development

Empowering land-owners to maximize the value of their assets.



Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Raising and more.

What we do

Project Development

We are here to develop and market sustainable, customer-centric assets for a global market. Our clients value our unique advice and perspective as well as our network. 

Product Execution

The best strategy is the one you can execute. Our skills will help your business or project team decide on the best path forward. 

Business Planning

A plan for your business creates a platform to share ideas and a language to communicate your vision. Our team can help you create a document set that stands you apart from your competitors in the eyes of financiers, key stakeholders and your employees. 

Financial Services

Insurance, commercial and development finance, capital raising and compliance.

Real Estate

Feasibility modelling, project management and market research and bespoke agency.

International Business

Feasibility modelling, project management and market research.


Strategy, forecasting, consumer behaviour and advertising tactics.

Image of a building in Melbourne that will be a shopping district

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